LaFani Management Consultancy


go green

Sustainability is vital to making sure society utilises earth’s natural resources as required for the present generation without destroying or upsetting the balance in such a way that it affects what future generations require to meet their needs.

At LaFani Management Consultancy, we are fully committed to engaging sustainable principles and practices in whichever projects we are involved in. The process starts at the inception of a project and continues all the way until delivery. Outlined below is a selection of the ways we engage sustainability on individual projects: –

  • Green Purchasing – utilising eco-friendly products, sustainably produced foods, products made from sustainable and recyclable materials, organic menus, etc.
  • Waste Minimisation – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!
  • Water Conservation – reducing the amount of water used during a project by replacing standard processes with more efficient ones.
  • Energy Efficiency – reducing the amount of energy needed to deliver a project or use renewable sources of energy.
  • Social Development – carrying out activities to raise funds for local charitable causes.

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