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Does Your Website Copy/Blog Content Engage or Bore Your Customers?

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Engaging and call to action content on a website is vital to keeping the site alive, making search engines happy and keeping your customers coming back for more. So how do you know if your copy is striking the right tone with customers or not? Here are 4 quick questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you struggling to come up with ideas for new posts?
  • Are you having trouble getting the engagement level up to what you’d like it to be?
  • Do many people comment on your blog posts?
  • How much of sharing your content through Twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets occurs?

If the answers don’t satisfy you, then it’s time for you to revamp your website and/or company blog with some new content. A content rich and search engine optimised website can turn all of the above negatvies into positives within a short period of time.

Why Should You Choose LFMC for your Content Needs?

  • We write all our copy in-house and do not outsource to third parties.
  • We can write for mostly any kind of business. We have worked with clients in the beauty, health, B2B and engineering industry among others.
  • Well-researched and thought-out copy that directly addresses customer needs, provides insight, answers queries and induces purchases.
  • We create a structured plan that ticks all the right boxes and addresses all the major concerns.
  • Our rich content can lead to higher rankings in organic search results.
  • Lead generation and customer conversion.

If you’re ready to give your website and/or blog that much needed boost, reach out to LaFani Management Consultancy through our contact page HERE. We will arrange a one-one-one with you to discuss your needs before coming back to you on the best way to approach your website and/or blog copy requirements.

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