LaFani Management Consultancy

Contract Negotiation

contract negotiation

Our experienced team has a tremendous insight into the workings of the project management industry. We utilise this insight, as well as our professional relationships, to negotiate the best terms for our clients with venues.

We ensure the client risks are minimised and potential problem clauses in contracts are identified and negotiated to the advantage of the client.

A few of the favourable terms we can negotiate for our clients include:

  • Attrition Clauses.
  • Cancellation Policy.
  • Pre & Post Group Rates.
  • Complimentary Services.
  • VIP Services.

Our other project management services include Conceptualisation to Delivery | Site Search & Selection | Registration Management | Onsite Logistics Management.

Is there something specific you had in mind not covered above? We can customise solutions based on your requirements. Ready to give us a try? Email us for a free one-on-one consultation now HERE!