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6 Questions You Should Answer Before Selecting a Site for Your Next Event

Selecting a site for your event can be a daunting task as it can make or break your meeting. Overlooking something critical could cause minor to severe mishaps somewhere in the planning process or worse, onsite during the event. Considering the elements below and answering these questions will help you shortlist and make better recommendations, which will effectively serve the meeting goals:

  1. Meeting Objectives: What are the objectives of the meeting? The site should relate to this. If it were a green meeting, for example, you wouldn’t have it in a place with the highest carbon footprint in the world. Always consider what the meeting objectives are before you start shortlisting possible sites.
  2. Local Support: Depending on the size of your meeting, you can get support in the form of finances, marketing or other concessions from the local convention bureau. This can help with your financial planning in the long run and ease your way into a market you’re not familiar with. Check what kind of support you can get with the local convention bureau of your preferred destinations.
  3. Budget: Before you look into a destination/site known for its tourism and/or other famous activities, consider what your budget is like. If you have a limited budget, don’t waste time looking at overly expensive
  4. Climate: Consider the weather at a location. Is the time of the year too cold or too hot? Additionally, the political and security climate of the location is also important as this could have an impact on delegate participation.
  5. Time of the Year: Depending on the time of the year, the hotel and other supplier rates could be really high. Another consideration is other events in the city at the same time; a major event with a large crowd will also affect the rates. It may be necessary to look at moving the event to another time of year or suggesting a new location altogether.
  6. Location & Accessibility: Ideally, an event should take place somewhere that’s a transportation hub with accessibility to most airlines around the world. You should factor in where the majority of participants will be flying in from, how long the flight will be and the cost. If a location requires several flights to get to or requires a major financial investment, it may deter some of your delegates from attending. Also worthy of note is the inner city transportation facilities available.

Keeping these 6 elements in mind before commencing a site selection process can save a lot of time, energy and money.

If you’re thinking of where to take your next event to and can’t quite decide, take a look at LFMC’s site search and selection services where we take on all the stress for you, make ideal recommendations and make sure you’re legally protected.

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